Legal Insurance from Workerslife Gives You the Power to Fight Back

We’ve got car insurance, home insurance, medical insurance, life insurance – do we really need legal insurance too? Known also as legal expenses insurance, South Africans need this kind of insurance because you can be sure that sooner rather than later you’ll be facing legal charges – it is the nature of living in South Africa. Legal insurance covers labour, civil and criminal cases.

Afford the Fees Thrown at You by Lawyers

Having legal insurance in South Africa is most important if you want to avoid as much stress, frustration and inconvenience as possible. Having legal insurance will simply allow you to afford the fees charged by lawyers when they help you take on cases such as criminal charges, drawing up ante-nuptial contracts, employment disputes, litigation and much more, providing assistance with filling in complicated legal documents as well. Having legal insurance simply Legal Insurancemeans you have the means to resolve any stressful legal issues quickly and conveniently.

With legal insurance you have easy assess to help. This can be in the form of electronic advice via email for instance or telephonic advice. Legal insurance is a good way to get professional legal advice from a qualified attorney when you require legal representation. Certainly trying to defend yourself in South Africa without legal representation, is like a losing battle and worse, it can be financially crippling.

Many people in South Africa will say they just can’t afford MORE insurance. However legal insurance is one insurance which is very affordable and it can save you untold stress and frustration. Did you know that for less than R100 a month you can get a generous range of legal insurance services from Workerslife? You won’t believe that for a sum of R90 you can be spared from a host of time-consuming and costly legal problems. You can call their call centre on 0861 520 520 and start getting the peace of mind you need.

Some of the Legal Insurance on Offer:

● With the Standard Legal Insurance from Workerslife, for a mere R65 a month, you will benefit from legal advice and representation on civil matters and benefit from cover for yourself as the main member, your spouse as well as up to 6 children.

● The Gold Legal Insurance cover from Workerslife will give you more. You’ll get legal advice on civil-, labour-, criminal-, administrative-, uncontested divorce and conveyancing- and civil matters, and for R118 a month, you’ll get R80 000 cover.

● With the Platinum Comprehensive Legal Insurance you’ll get legal advice and representation on criminal matters, civil-, labour-, administrative-, infringement of the legal rights of the insured-, conveyancing, contested and un-contested divorce cover – all this for R149 a month and for R150 000 cover.

Workerslife Helps out with Financial Hardships

To get this legal insurance you must be over the age of 18. Workerslife was designed by workers to care for workers, safeguarding the financial interests of workers so that they are not overwhelmed by financial hardships when facing legal issues. Their mission is to offer affordable products and services that will be helpful in fighting back and sorting out legal issues that you are faced with. Their focus is on protecting South Africans from the kind of misfortunes that can so easily come their way. They have also made their automated claims process streamlined and easy with helpful staff at their contact centre who are trained to be able to speed up making payouts.